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Stay Tuned For The 2024 Official Selection

Rules & Regulations

What can you submit?

RIFF accepts submissions for narrative feature films, short films, and television pilots.

All films submitted must have been completed on or after January 1, 2016.

All feature submissions must be between 50-130 minutes in length.

All short film submissions must be under 30 minutes in length.

How can you submit it?

All films must be submitted with an online screener.

There is no premiere requirement.

All submission fees are non-refundable. (Check our social media for special discount offers!)

All submission media, completed forms, and submission fees must be received by specified First, Deadline, Early Deadline, Regular Deadline, Late Deadline, Extended Deadline and no later than the Final Deadline for each festival season.

All films and videos in a language other than English must be subtitled for the festival.

If your film is selected for exhibition, please be advised that we will require at least MP4 1920 X 1080.


By submitting you are agreeing to the following:

  1. The Feature, Short, or Other Media I am submitting as my entry is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation; 

  2. I am duly authorized to submit this Production to the RIFF.  I hold RIFF harmless from any damage to the print(s) or tape(s) or media en route or otherwise during the course of the Festival; 

  3. I hold RIFF harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from my entry;

  4. I certify that I have full rights to the use of the music in the Production; I give permission for RIFF to use excerpts of up to three minutes of the Production for promotional purposes;

  5. I give permission for RIFF to use stills, titles, copy, and/or information from the Production for promotional purposes;

  6. I give permission for RIFF to screen the Production at RIFF event as well as at ancillary Festival presentations, programs, and/or events;

  7. I own or have authorization to all necessary copyrights and licenses; (If requested) I will be able to provide model/actor release verification as well as provide music, product and other copyright licensing verification. As the Submitter/Producer, I agree to take on all copyright liability in regard to submitted film. 

  8. Entry does not guarantee acceptance into RIFF.

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